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Be welcome to our new polls-section!

At the moment, we ask you the following questions:

  1. U.S. users: who do you think is better, Bush, Gore, or Nader?
  2. International Users: who do you think is better, Bush, Gore, or Nader?
  3. [V]ote-auction.com: legal or illegal?
  4. Would you rather go voting if you received money for it?

We have subject to diverse legal calamities during the last few weeks. We, however, feel the moral obligation to keep up our services to all our users....

Read our very latest Press Releases:

[V]ote-auction announces END-RESULTS, 07-11-2000

[V]ote-auction victim to ILLEGAL DNS-SHUTDOWN, 02-11-2000

[V]ote-auction.com back online, 22-10-2000
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Pollsters use them, politicians use them, liars use them, and now [v]ote-auction.com is using them too. Check out some interesting statistics on the type of person who registers with voteauction.com.

We at [V]ote-auction are proud to announce our web-stats:
We currently receive around 150.000 unique visits per day

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[V]ote-auction has received loads of press coverage in the last few weeks and months. we have updated our press section.
Also, here you can find the list of our supporters. - But please do not sue 'em!

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Voteauction Message Board History & Updates

Interact with other voteauction.com users and post your opinions about voteauction.com, vote-selling, campaign investing, and campaign finance.

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[V]ote-auction.com is run by an Austrian Holding Company. In our aim to provide you with the best service possible, we have just updated our software.

Everything is pretty automated now, so you can always see live figures for both bids and registered voters.

To see live figures, and to join the game, click on the BID-CHECK button on the top right of the page

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